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Email marketing specialist
Speaker  •  Trainer  •  Coach

Have you ever heard the sales adage ‘every no is one step closer to a yes’? In fact, every no is someone who can say yes later if you build your credibility and continue to give them value on a regular basis.

I’m a marketer, professional speaker and author, specialising in using email marketing and newsletters to attract and win more customers.

Having worked with thousands of businesses across the UK and around the world to get better results from their marketing, and sending more than a million emails each year on behalf of my clients, I know exactly what it takes to send emails that get results.

I have a proven track record with businesses ranging from small accountancy firms to international franchises and work mainly with speakers, trainers and coaches – people who have a business built on their expertise.

Just a few of the organisations I’ve helped…

How can I help you?

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a brilliant way of nurturing relationships with prospects and clients by staying in touch on a regular basis: making sure you’re at the front of their minds when they need what you have to offer.

Speaking & Training

As a speaker for your conference or event, I’ll make sure your delegates don’t just ‘have a good day’, but also give them the motivation and practical skills to grow and succeed in using effective marketing when they leave the room.


Choose a book to learn how to get started using email marketing effectively, or learn how one small piece of text (the subject line) can have such a big impact on the results you get from your email campaigns.

  • Nathan did a great job for us. We hired him to present to our franchisees at our national convention and his practical yet effective approach to customer retention solutions was very well received.

    Adam Thompson
    Adam Thompson InXpress Global
  • If you ever get chance to hear Nathan speak then be prepared to be wowed. He is not your typical "do what I say" speaker, he is someone who has "been there, seen it, done it" and done it extremely successfully.

    David Lockett
    David Lockett Director, The Finance Department
  • Nathan's speech was 10 out of 10; he created a truly positive impact with the audience. His speech provided the learners with real inspiration and positivity.

    Abbie-Louise Hellyer
    Abbie-Louise Hellyer Microsoft Apprentice Programme

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