What’s the investment for your new email newsletter?

I just need to know a few basic details to give you a personalised quote:

  • Nathan Littleton is infuriatingly good for a 26 year old. His talk on email marketing should inspire everyone to start their own newsletter. I would say it inspired me, but it didn't. That's because I saw him 42 weeks ago and immediately signed him up to advise me on starting a newsletter of my own. He now does everything for me apart from write it. 40 weekly newsletters later, having generated more leads than Battersea Dog's Home, I wish I'd met him when I started my speaking career. Although thinking about it he would only have been 4 years old back then.

    Jeremy Nicholas
    Jeremy Nicholas Speaker coach, MC & compere, after dinner speaker
  • Nathan Littleton has enabled me to improve the way I engage with my followers. He has shaped and implemented my email marketing strategy so that I've seen a substantial increase in open rates, click throughs and sales. He provides advice on all aspects of each campaign using his years of research and expertise. This gives me peace of mind knowing that every email interaction I now have with my followers, enriches my brand and leads to tangible sales. I recommend you get in touch with Nathan to experience how he can optimise the way you engage with your followers.

    Nikki Owen
    Nikki Owen Award Winning Speaker & Bestselling Author
  • Nathan made marketing very easy for me, producing slick looking email campaigns that really work.

    Lee Guest
    Lee Guest Guest Independent
  • Nathan was the clear choice to create my fortnightly tips sheet. His advice is robust, evidence-based and practical. He uses his expertise to craft my content into a newsletter and title with a high open and high click-rate to help grow my list and my business. If you need to stay in the mind of buyers, a regular email shot is critical and Nathan is the right person to help.

    Sarah Fox
    Sarah Fox 500 Word Contracts
  • Already aware of Nathan's reputation as an email marketing guru I was delighted to see him in action yesterday. He shared part of his wide knowledge and experience around the topic in an engaging, authoritative and straight forward way. He delivered enormous value and provided dozens of easy to follow tips and advice and also some key insights borne of his (surprisingly) extensive experience. Great stuff. Well done and thanks Nathan.

    Mark Lee
    Mark Lee Professional Speaker & Mentor