working with children policy

Nathan Littleton - Motivational Speaker

The safety and protection of children I work with is my top priority. With that in mind, I’ve prepared this policy document for absolute transparency.

Working with children in schools and educational institutions

I work with an Enhanced DBS/CRB Certificate and abide by the rules of working with children in your school or educational outlet.

Outside contact and social media

Experience has taught me that it is inevitable that students I’ve worked with may find my websites and social network profiles after my work in a school or college is completed. My policy on this is strict, and works as follows:

  • Facebook friend requests will not be accepted. Instead, I will advise students to ‘like’ my business page, which can be found here.
  • Students messaging/emailing to say thank you or commenting on the work I’ve done with them will receive a reply thanking them for their participation and some words of encouragement.
  • Public questions or requests for help will be answered publicly in the best way that I can.
  • Direct or private messages with questions or requests for help will also be answered.
  • Requests for extended or face-to-face help will require authorisation from the school or parent/guardian, and this will be made clear to any students requesting assistance in that way.


In some circumstances, I may request either a photographer to be present to take photographs of me delivering, or request access to photos taken by the school. This will only happen if I’ve received a signed copy of my photography authorisation form from the school and/or the school has received express permission from parents/guardians of any children featured in the photographs. Where possible, photographs will be taken in a way that does not identify specific children (e.g backs of heads only).