There's nothing more rewarding than hearing a young person say they're going to do something better.

Nathan Littleton - speaker for schools

“I’m on a mission to inspire the students of today to achieve great things. It’s not my job to tell everyone they should go out there and start a business, but I will let them know that for the right kind of person, that could be a dream they can realise easily.”

For school, college and university students

If you’d like your students to take action and think differently, Nathan can help them to do exactly that. Through each of Nathan’s education talks, he infuses elements of his own story and the lessons he has learned from building a successful business from the age of 12. His unique approach and style has been widely commended by the schools, colleges and universities he has shared with.

Keynote: Business Lessons From a 12 Year-Old

  • Aimed at students in school years 9-11, preferably studying business, enterprise or economics.
  • Designed to give students an insight into the world of business, guided by Nathan’s own journey, to inspire students to think seriously about whether they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
  • You will find out what the curriculum doesn’t teach you about the world of business – the good, the bad and the ugly!
  • You will learn what makes the world’s top businesspeople tick, and how they achieve so much.
  • You will discover the three key questions to ask yourself to understand whether you can make it in the world of business.

Keynote: The 13 Biggest Mistakes 16-18 Year Olds Make to Screw Up Their Lives

  • Aimed at sixth form and college students aged 16-18.
  • Designed to encourage these students to take advantage of this critical point in their early careers and make the right choices.
  • You will understand the key reasons why many people don’t achieve what they’ve always wanted.
  • You will find out exactly how you can avoid those traits and behaviours by understanding your own values.
  • You will learn the only three ways people can get rich (both financially and in quality of life), and choose which path you want to take.
  • You will realise a few lessons teachers can learn from you!

Suitable for:

  • Assemblies
  • Business studies and enterprise classes
  • Full/half day workshops and breakout sessions
  • Awards evenings

For teachers

During their school lives, many students will spend more time with their teachers than they will with their own parents, and everyone knows the huge impact that teachers can have on a young person’s life. Nathan’s presentations to teachers will lead them to love teaching more than they have ever done before, and become better teachers as a result.

Keynote: What Can Teachers Learn From Pupils?

  • Aimed at secondary, sixth form and college teachers and tutors.
  • Designed to enthuse and entertain, while demonstrating some of the fantastic qualities young people have that we could all learn from!
  • You will understand why young people find it so much easier to ‘dream big’, and why that’s such a great thing.
  • You will remember why you entered the world of teaching in the first place and get that fire back in your belly.
  • You will learn how you can improve your own skills to transform the lives of the young people you work with and make a real difference for their futures.
  • You will be challenged.

Suitable for:

  • Teacher education days
  • Governors and management meetings

Nathan’s topics include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Goal setting and ‘proper’ planning
  • How top businesspeople achieve huge goals
  • Why being motivated doesn’t lead to success
  • Student choices
  • Using social media to get ahead in the job market